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Ercasam played Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes

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Some punk talking trash cuz he's winning with Magneto/Storm/Sentinel gets dropped and cries cuz I'm using Ken/Wolverine/Ryu.

As a public service announcement:

Just because you look up a tier list online and pick from the god tier doesn't make you godly, and talking trash because you're owning on 8 year old's only makes everyone laugh harder when you get rolled with characters you consider "unworthy"

(For the record this guy was my age (20-21) and was yelling at little 8 year old's in OUR arcade on MY MvC2, all I have to say is step off with the god tier, you don't deserve it)

(Ohh, and when you said, "This must be the newer version of MvC2 if it was the one I play you wouldn't have touched me with that weak drop cane" and everyone started laughing they weren't laughing at you they were laughing with you)
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Just got a call from a couple friends that decided to stay when we left. I guess the guy was waiting outside for me to leave cuz as soon as I left they said he jumped right back on.

Turns out the kids I was playing with when he decided to walk off crying are taking turns rolling him.

I've never been so proud of anyone in all my years of gaming.

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